Save the oceans the only way you know how!

Get rid of Trash and waste with the power of fishing and awesome ninja skills.

Cast your reel as deep as you can by dodging all obstacles in your way. When you reach the bottom or get your hook caught on something. Reel it in and only collect the trash on your way up.

Then Get ready! As you toss your haul in the sky make sure to only cut the trash with your amazing ninja skills and avoid hurting the fish. Bonus points for releasing the turtle from the garbage it is stuck in by clicking on it in the air instead of slashing it!

----- Controls -----
Fishing :
Left Arrow / Right Arrow or Left click/ Right Click

Trash Slashing:
Click and Drag

Made for the 2018 Games for our future Jam

Install instructions

Just download and run


Download 18 MB
Reel-Life.apk 26 MB
Download 3 MB

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